{June 16, 2011}   It’s a Newborn Geocache!

I’ve been geocaching for a few years now. Managed to find them in all sorts of different countries, France, Germany, and Cuba included.

Quick lesson: Geocaches are small containers hidden all over the world, found by following GSP coordinates. The finder writes their name, date, and trades an item if there is enough room. More found here at

A few weeks ago I put together a newborn geocache of my very own! It’s quite easy to make one, if you want to get in on the fun too!

I used magnets bought from the dollar store, black duck tape, and a mint tin from Starbucks.

After a bit of stretching, wrestling, and pulling the tape off me, I stuck the magnets and tin together.

Then it was just a matter of finding the right fence to hide it at. Near my apartment window, where I can watch people try to be stealthy, Perfect!

Geocaching can take you to places you’ve never been in your own neighborhood.

Clarabelle XOXO


{June 14, 2011}   Summer Science Party

So my friend Steve, is the New Bill Nye the Science Guy, in my book! He just hosted one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. Of course there was beer and wine but best of all there was science and fire involved! First crystal growing…

Then he mixed some cabbage juice with different chemicals including baking soda, Alka-Seltzer, and vinegar.

What sweet Colors! Cowabunga! You can find a similar project here  .

Then the kabang! Fire!

Clarabelle XOXO

Instructables, the amazing website that they are have started a BACON Contest! Which is of course the best kind of contest. The contest will be going on until May 8, so you still have time to make your grand bacon creation!

Check out some of the entries so far below…

Link to all the rest here.

Clarabelle XOXO

I am a huge fan of old fashion pin-ups. Those girls had curves and were proud to show them! The pictures below show the real life inspiration behind some of these timeless icons.

To see more of these buxom beauties check out it here

Source the daily what

Clarabelle XOXO


{April 3, 2011}   Fairy Tale Fashion

There is nothing like a good story from a Golden Book to bring me back to my childhood. This reuse fashion creation, turning classic stories into a beautiful gown fit for a queen is an amazing idea! Designer Ryan Novelline brought this Fairy Tale to life, using discarded books and the golden spines to create a well fitted corset.

Source from by Kimberley Mok, Montreal, Canada

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It’s been only 3 years since Earth Hour became a global event! This event has so many headliners, it’s almost impossible to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone having fun. In cities all over the world they have turned off the lights and turned to simple delightful fun. From fire dancing and drumming, to more intimate settings featuring soft lit candles, there something for everyone to do during this hour.  We partook in some competitive domino playing, a great way to spend an hour!


Check out the snazzy video WWF put together for this year.


Clarabelle XOXO

{March 23, 2011}   Spring is here!

Well Spring is sort of here, being that it is the second day and outside is cold, wet, and snowy. To celebrate we heated up the BBQ and chowed down on some Delic steak slices, asparagus, and potato salad. I have hope that it will be sunny and warm soon!

I got to thinking about my growing options this year. The time to start vegs is now! So, I am reviewing my space options on my balcony. While surfing I came across this! And I love IT!

I found these on photos done by Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry

Clarabelle XOXO

Women should be loved, admired, and our body shapes studied with appreciation. Take this day Ladies, and Love Yourself.

To celebrate, here’s a video that will change the way you think of your body, you are no longer an apple or pear, You are a beautiful painting and amazing piece of artwork.

Clarabelle XOXO

P.S. This is the 100th year celebration! Go ahead, cherish yourself!

I just stumble upon this amazing and well put together website about our water usage as a life line and how our choices are changing our supply forever. It touches on the fishing industry, our over use of bottled water, and how we are effecting our future.

It uses a combination of beautiful photos, music, and videos to express this important message.

Please check it out… and learn about our most important resource, water.

Clarabelle XOXO

I stumbled upon HonestlyWTF today for the first time. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? But photos of beautiful spring attire on far away beaches. Oh, to hear the wisps of the ocean waves, instead of the icy wind mixed with snow. So because I believe in sharing here is some images of an oasis that seems so far away during these winter months. These fabulous clothes are from Free People.

P.S. HonestlyWTF is my new favorite website. Oh you bring me so many cool things yet waste so much of my time.

Clarabelle XOXO

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