{December 9, 2009}   Love your Skin!

All women are defined by natural beauty. We all have special features that we love about our selves. Our body is a sexy place that needs to be taken care of.

Here we will have natural ways to love your body, so your body will love you back.

Skin problems are becoming more common among women. Recently my skin has caught the nasty itch that comes with the dry winter wind. I also have eczema (contact dermatitis). With sensitive skin I run from lotions and products with alcohol in it. Haha.. this is a hard thing to do as most products have it as one of there main ingredients. Surprising how many “Moisturising” creams contain alcohol, which does an excellent job in drying out your skin!

Coffee, not just for your cup!

So I have been trying out some chemical free ways to love my skin.

Spa night is big at our apartment. A regular favourite is …. Get out the coffee girls!… Coffee Citrus Honey face mask

Basic Ingredients

  • Ground Coffee
  • Lime or Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  1. Just judge how much you would like to use for the grounded coffee. I mix a large amount into mine but you don’t have to. Used coffee works just fine. It is an exfoliate, tighter, and has antioxidant effects.
  2. Put a spoonful of honey and olive oil. Honey is great for your skin it is a natural moisturizer, natural antioxidants, and helps with acne.
  3. Just a squeeze of Lime or Lemon, it is not a necessary ingredient.  If you think the acidic content will affect your skin, please don’t use it. Lemons have  enzymes which cleanses the skin of dead cells.
  4. Once it is mixed well, just apply on to your face and show your skin some loving. As you rub it gently, your skin will be exfoliated. Leave on for as long as you feel necessary.

PS. If you have Coconut Oil or Sesame seed oil put some of that in too!

Clarabelle XOXO


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