{December 20, 2009}   Gina in Hong Kong

(Well it’s more like… in the Hong Kong airport. )

The Vancouver airport seemed like I was already in Asia: I was the minority and by that I mean I was in the group of those who were not of Asian descent, I even ate lunch at a Japanese joint. 🙂 The airport looked like a huge spa: pools with fishies and trees everywhere.

On the flight to Hong Kong they sat me down with an American girl whom they thought was my friend since we were both young, white and checked-in at the same time. “Don’t worry girls, I put you two together” 

The plane had over 50 movies in the system including… ta daaaa… Pulp Fiction! It was the first thing I watched before getting myself into a couple of “The Big Bang Theory” episodes. They served 2 meals in the 13 hours flight and in my 4 seats row there were two indian vegetarians and myself. We got chana massala for both meals, still not better than my own 😛

Now at the Hong Kong airport it’s 4:20 am, what people call back home 4:20 pm. At MY lunch time all restaurants were closed, and they will be at MY supper time. I’m sooooo very hungry hahah. There’s only a Starbucks open where I got myself a soy capuccino and where I left my laptop behind. Such a me thing to do…

Been here at the HK airport 8 hours, 4 more to go. But what’s moar important: 2 and a half hours before restaurants open. Hmmmm…

No pictures for this post, I’ve been too hungry to take any.

I hope everything is going well in Canada eh! 🙂

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