{January 8, 2010}   Bob Barker to the Rescue!

Bob Barker from the Price is Right is a huge Animal Rights Activist (hold your hands really, really far apart. Yes, that huge!)

Recently he has put his support behind The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. To get you up to speed, The Sea Shepherd is a Pro Animal Right Organization founded by Canadian Paul Watson. Each year they fight the seas and Japanese whaling ships in the hopes of saving the lives of hundreds of whales. Bob Barker has been inspired by this effort.  What does 5 million dollars of inspiration get him you ask? A ship named after him. Not just any ship either. This ship has already come to the rescue of another Sea Shepherd boat after it had been attacked and started taking on water.

Who you gonna call?

–  Bob Barker!

Click on the link below to see and interview the man himself.


My hat goes off to you Bob Barker and the brave members of the Sea Shepherd!

Clarabelle XOXO


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