{January 9, 2010}   H&M New line is more enviromental

As soon as I see this post I knew I was in love with this new line. I couldn’t post this in any other better way then how The Budget Babe did, so here it is….

“Outside my window, snowflakes drift silently to the ground, but online, H&M’s Garden Collection lookbook brings a burst of color and sunshine to my desktop. While I’m not in a hurry for spring to arrive, this romantic collection inspired by “chlorophyll-green gardens, sundrenched landscapes and even 70s hippie chic flower-power” has me swooning.

What’s more, the line is eco-friendly: Made using organic and recycled materials, all the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. And it’s inexpensive! The collection, which includes breezy blouses, rosette embellished frocks and airy tanks, tops out at $60 with most items falling between $15 and $30. Can’t wait for this line to drop at the end of March!

For complete details on the collection, click here

More from the Budget Babe can be found here

Clarabelle XOXO

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