{April 18, 2010}   A bit of This & That

I know a scarf, what am I still doing with this thing, you ask? Generally, I do believe winter is almost over, but it’s for those just in case days. You know, just in case a snowstorm brings 3 feet of the white stuff. Ok.. so that’s probably not going to happen. Honestly, I made this during the chilly winter months and just finally got a chance to post about it.

I also made a coffee cozy. This, I am still using. It does a great job of keep my coffee burning hot and my fingers not. It’s sewn in a basic checker design, using old men’s sweaters for the material. That kinda explains the reindeer eh?.. All the materials can be found at your local second-hand store.

The scarf was so simple to make. I just cut the front off a button up sweater with pockets.  I separated it from the back & sleeves and unbuttoned it. Each half of the sweater became the ends of my scarf (that is how I determined the thickness). The next sweater had no buttons. I cut off the sleeves and separated the front from the back (the middle of the scarf). To add some design to it, I cut small squares out of the sleeves of other sweaters.

I sewed them all together. To finish it I blanket-stitched along the edges with brown yarn, to add some character.

With the scraps, I created my coffee cozy. With the left over sleeves I cut out small squares and a back piece basing the size off a Starbucks coffee sleeve. To help insulate it I add an extra piece of material to the inside.

Simple, Cute, & Cozy

Clarabelle XOXO

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