{February 6, 2011}   French Women and their Mystique

I am a huge fan of other cultures. I love tasting their food, experiencing their traditions, and people watching while I visit their countries. Other cultures are so fascinating! Sometimes though I wonder, What do they think of us when they visit Canada? What foods do they enjoy trying here, do they find the things we do and talk about interesting and curious?

That’s why I loved reading this book! What French Women Know, by Debra Ollivier. She offers an enlightening perspective of how the French view American culture. Of course being a Canadian is different then being an American when you compare our governments and such, but culturally we have many similarities. As little children we all played, does he love me, does he love me not. We all gather together for spa nights with the girls and watch sports games on a boys night out. We go on dates, and if all goes well the relationship turns into going steady.
It’s strange to think the French do not have these traditions. They have traditions of their own. They play, He loves me a little, A lot, Passionately, Madly, Not at all. They mix it up at dinner parties separating the couples and seating each guest beside someone different of the opposite sex. They eat delicious cheese and drink savory wine with class. They do things differently, sassy, and sexy.
If you get a chance, read this book, it will take you on a trip across the pond to a cafe beside the Eiffel Tower.

XOXO Clarabelle


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