{February 27, 2011}   An olive oil mix for your beautiful hair

It’s winter ladies! That Canadian wind, snow, and below -20 temperatures are at war with your hair and skin. To silk up my face, hands, and hair up I mixed together a bit of honey Lovin’. I started out with honey, added oatmeal, and topped it off with olive oil.

To help mix everything together, I filled up my sink with some hot water and set my bowl in the water for a bit. Now the fun and messy part! Wearing an old shirt I brought the bowl into the bathroom and flipped my head over the tub. First I packed some on to my face, and then took to massaging it into my hair and scalp. After I wrapped up my hair in a towel, I let it set for 15 minutes. While I waited I massage what’s left of the mix in my hands and let it set. Than after 15 minutes rinsed everything out (you may need to use shampoo to get the greasy look out of your hair).


– 2 spoons of Honey (It’s a natural antiseptic. It also moisturizes and helps maintains skins elasticity.)

– 3 spoons of Oatmeal (It texture gently removes dead skin cells. It seals in moisture with a layer of colloidal that’s left on the skin. Also is a source of vitamin E.)

– 3 or 4 spoons of Olive Oil (It re-hydrates and moisturizes. Helps inflamed skin.)

Clarabelle XOXO

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