{March 23, 2011}   Spring is here!

Well Spring is sort of here, being that it is the second day and outside is cold, wet, and snowy. To celebrate we heated up the BBQ and chowed down on some Delic steak slices, asparagus, and potato salad. I have hope that it will be sunny and warm soon!

I got to thinking about my growing options this year. The time to start vegs is now! So, I am reviewing my space options on my balcony. While surfing I came across this! And I love IT!

I found these on photos done by Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry

Clarabelle XOXO


{April 18, 2010}   A bit of This & That

I know a scarf, what am I still doing with this thing, you ask? Generally, I do believe winter is almost over, but it’s for those just in case days. You know, just in case a snowstorm brings 3 feet of the white stuff. Ok.. so that’s probably not going to happen. Honestly, I made this during the chilly winter months and just finally got a chance to post about it.

I also made a coffee cozy. This, I am still using. It does a great job of keep my coffee burning hot and my fingers not. It’s sewn in a basic checker design, using old men’s sweaters for the material. That kinda explains the reindeer eh?.. All the materials can be found at your local second-hand store.

The scarf was so simple to make. I just cut the front off a button up sweater with pockets.  I separated it from the back & sleeves and unbuttoned it. Each half of the sweater became the ends of my scarf (that is how I determined the thickness). The next sweater had no buttons. I cut off the sleeves and separated the front from the back (the middle of the scarf). To add some design to it, I cut small squares out of the sleeves of other sweaters.

I sewed them all together. To finish it I blanket-stitched along the edges with brown yarn, to add some character.

With the scraps, I created my coffee cozy. With the left over sleeves I cut out small squares and a back piece basing the size off a Starbucks coffee sleeve. To help insulate it I add an extra piece of material to the inside.

Simple, Cute, & Cozy

Clarabelle XOXO

{March 23, 2010}   The Mail man has arrived!

Yesterday after getting in from a long day of classes, I found a treat the mailman brought. A sweet postcard all the way from the UK was waiting for me. Now what makes this post card so special you ask? Well the obvious, creative mix of sheet music with distorted film arranged over it, I love the artistic design. Then there is the stamp. This jigsaw version, can still make it successfully through the mail, kinda neat eh! I received it from Shakesmyteeth who has posted many of these groovy creations on flicker.  Once he learned that the automated system that scans the mail only reads the pigments of the stamp and the shape does not matter, he went to work composing on vintage postcards to send all over the world. To see more of his collection click here.

Thanks Shakesmyteeth!

Clarabelle XOXO

{February 21, 2010}   Rings.. Bend, Twist, Spin

The other day I was feeling crafty, straight to Value Village I went. On the look out for anything that might be able to be twisted, turned, or tossed into a creation of some sort. I did have one mission, to find some mini spoons (the kind my grandmother used to collect). I seen the idea in Quebec, rings made out of the stems of the spoons. I love spoons rings, the big ones made out of the old silver spoons they look funky on the fingers. So I figured I could make a few little ones and see how it goes. After finding some mini spoons, grabbing 2 pliers, bending and twisting a lot, I was done.

Not too bad for my first attempt and not too hard to make.

Clarabelle XOXO

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