I stumbled upon HonestlyWTF today for the first time. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? But photos of beautiful spring attire on far away beaches. Oh, to hear the wisps of the ocean waves, instead of the icy wind mixed with snow. So because I believe in sharing here is some images of an oasis that seems so far away during these winter months. These fabulous clothes are from Free People.

P.S. HonestlyWTF is my new favorite website. Oh you bring me so many cool things yet waste so much of my time.

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{October 19, 2010}   Animals that make you smile

The cutest video I’ve seen all week.



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{October 10, 2010}   Kickass Pole Dancing Ninja

This lady has it all. The moves, the action and great beauty. Check out her ninja pole dancing:

Via: Geekologie


{June 3, 2010}   Afternoon delight

Ah children, they’re so naive. This is one of my favorite animations. Enjoy!


My times back home so far have been fun. Looking for some excitement, I found a paintball game to join. There is nothing like being the only woman on the field out of 17 players. I got a chance to show the guys what women are made out of. I think more ladies should play this exhilarating game. With the thrill of adrenaline, pumping through your body it’s empowering. Nothing is better then running through the field, ducking behind a tree, looking out around it, spotting a glimmer off a mask hiding behind a bunker in front, holding the gun tightly in hand, taking the shot, and yes! A successful head shot!

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{May 4, 2010}   May’s adventures

For the next month, I will be spending time back home. With no job and no schoolwork to do, I am going to enjoy this month of relaxation. This picture says it all I plan to get back to the basics and enjoy doing country style activities. Of course, I do not have any lemon trees in my yard but I will be taking advantage of my free time and beautiful surrounds. I hope to post many of my lazy day, inspired adventures. However, with the amazing miracle of dial-up my posts might be sparse. Haha.. yes I did say dial-up.

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{April 25, 2010}   Gummy Bear Delight

The Romeing Panda offers some sweet gummy bear bling. You can wear these juice colors anywhere. From 2 finger rings to belts, they will guarantee you look beary delicious.

I know I can get a bit cheesy but gummy bears hold a special place in my heart. Which is why I decided to create a 2 finger gummy bear ring. Try, is the key word. Some gummy bear were hurt during the manufacturing and testing process.

To make the rings I used some wire doubled up and twisted it into a size that would fit my finger.  Then on to the next step, creating a hard layer around the gummy bears, because as you know, gummy bears are really gummy. This is when it started to turn into accidental torture. First, I painted them with a clear coat of nail polish, but once they dried, they were stickier then before. Second, I got the idea of a hard layer of sugar on the outside, perfect! Not so much, turns out gummy bears and sugar have a similar melting point. I melted a few gummy bellies and faces off before I gave up. Third, I tried glue. I painted a thin coat of regular glue on them and let it dry. The glue seemed to be the best solution I just have to make sure I never get them wet.

So, after attaching the gummy bears to the rings, this is how they turned out. They fit on my fingers well and look snazzy. Just have to make sure I don’t get hungry and snack on them.

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For the past 20 years, Canada has been getting greener with Earth Day. In Canada we take our wild life seriously. Many of our biggest and best tourist attractions are our natural beauties, including Lake Louise, the Bay Of Fundy, and The Quebec Winter Carnival. On the World’s Cleanest Countries list, Canada rates 12th. We need to step up and get our country back into shape! What better day to do this, then today.

Top 10 ways to paint Canada more green, today, tomorrow or any day.

  1. Watch Disney’s new movie Oceans, to be released earth day (Today!)
  2. Partake in an Earth day event or organize one. To find one check out Canada’s Earth day website.
  3. Grab a pair of gloves & a garbage bag and walk out your front door. Challenge yourself and go for a walk. Pick up garbage along the way, see how far you can get until the bag is full. You’d be surprised how tired you’ll get of picking up Tim Horton’s roll up the rim to win cups.
  4. Start a recycling program at your work or school. It’s not too hard. Just get everyone to chip in with 2$ or 5$  for some blue boxes. Then make a list of volunteers to collect them every week or nicely ask the janitorial staff to include them in their rounds.
  5. Plant a tree. Better yet, plant a garden! Even if it’s a small one. I see, fresh herbs and vegetables in your near future. Live in the city? Make a mini garden. Here are some great instructions on how to grow sprouts inside from instuctables.
  6. Make a green facebook event, to go on a walk, swimming, camping, or anything that has to do with the outdoors. Make it an all day event open to everyone and taking place everywhere.
  7. Buy local and eat local. Go find your local farmers market. I hear they sell the tastiest food, juiciest berries, freshest pies, and vegetables so good you’ll want to eat them raw.
  8. Get solar panels for your house. Don’t have that kind of cash, switch all your light bulbs with energy saving ones instead.
  9. Go visit your grandparents. Ask them questions and learn from them. Back in my grandparents’ day, they grew all their own food. With the fruits and vegetables left over from the garden, they made preserves. Hang out with them for a day and learn how to do this. Nothing is better then homemade jelly on toast.. MMmmm.
  10. Turn Off your computer, lights, TV, or that blender your brother left in on in the kitchen all day after making margaritas. What ever it is your not using right now, Just flick the switch.

Enjoy today, tomorrow and everyday.

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{April 19, 2010}   Behind the Burly Q

From the 1840’s to the 1920’s burlesque shows celebrated life and comedy all over Britain and the United States. They lit up the stage with comedy acts filled with women in lush outfits. By the 1960’s it was no more. The glitz and glam was pushed aside. What happen to those alluring ladies? Behind the Burly Q looks behind the curtain, and into the lives of the show’s stars. Interviews with some of the women and a unique look into Alan Alda’s past highlight the memorizing and gruelling moments.

You may know Alan from the hit TV show M*A*S*H, were he stared as Hawkeye. He grew up behind the glamour with his father, the leading comedy man in the show. If you find Alan as funny as I do, I suggest reading his autobiography Never get your dog stuffed. It’s packed full of witty slapstick stories from his childhood and deep details about his family life.


Behind the Burly Q opens April 23rd, check it out.

To learn more about some burlesque beauties check out one of my past posts

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{April 16, 2010}   Canada + Bacon = True Love

Canada’s interest in Bacon is quizzical. It’s pop culture knowledge that Canadians love bacon, but is it really true? Maple Leaf put it to the test, with their “For the Love of Bacon” survey.  The results are in,(73%) Canadians can’t get enough of the stuff! As a proud Canadian, I love its salty goodness! I gave bacon its own food group a long time ago. Many of the true bacon lovers consider themselves to be good lovers and romantic (81%). Need more excitement at home? I’d stock up that refrigerator with some of the good stuff.


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