{November 5, 2010}   Back back to the Future!

I love back to the future and I love cake! So obviously I love this video of the back to the future DeLorean cake.

Check it out!


Clarabelle XOXO


{October 20, 2010}   Best Moments from Scream 2010

There were so many spooky moments during the scream awards, from Bill Murray’s appearance in full Ghost Buster’s uniform, Back to the Future’s reunion, and to Sigourney Weaver being reborn out of an Alien Egg.


Clarabelle XOXO

To get everyone ready for the Scream Awards videos featuring the Back to the Future cast and the Lost cast have been aired. Me being a big Michael J Fox fan, am so pumped to see him again. Also I have  a soft spot for Lost and love Hurley. Both reunions will happen during this years Scream.

Link to Scream

Clarabelle XOXO

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