Instructables, the amazing website that they are have started a BACON Contest! Which is of course the best kind of contest. The contest will be going on until May 8, so you still have time to make your grand bacon creation!

Check out some of the entries so far below…

Link to all the rest here.

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{April 16, 2010}   Canada + Bacon = True Love

Canada’s interest in Bacon is quizzical. It’s pop culture knowledge that Canadians love bacon, but is it really true? Maple Leaf put it to the test, with their “For the Love of Bacon” survey.  The results are in,(73%) Canadians can’t get enough of the stuff! As a proud Canadian, I love its salty goodness! I gave bacon its own food group a long time ago. Many of the true bacon lovers consider themselves to be good lovers and romantic (81%). Need more excitement at home? I’d stock up that refrigerator with some of the good stuff.


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