I stumbled upon HonestlyWTF today for the first time. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? But photos of beautiful spring attire on far away beaches. Oh, to hear the wisps of the ocean waves, instead of the icy wind mixed with snow. So because I believe in sharing here is some images of an oasis that seems so far away during these winter months. These fabulous clothes are from Free People.

P.S. HonestlyWTF is my new favorite website. Oh you bring me so many cool things yet waste so much of my time.

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{September 16, 2010}   For the love of Betty White

This lady has been rocking out this year. It seems nothing will stop her! From hosting Saturday Night Live, staring in her TV show Hot in Cleveland, and her movie coming out in a few weeks, Betty White has got it. What is it?, you ask. It’s the attention of everyone. Betty White has a special place in my heart. Here’s a spicy video she did on her clothing line, Watch, Enjoy, and Learn from the Master.

Keeping up with the current trends, her HoodieBuddie clothing have built in headphones. To check out the different style and see classy Betty White prints click here.

{March 9, 2010}   An old fashion summer

Hey Darlings,

Found this video posted on Vintage Blog, it features some lovely dames from the 20’s, showing off their fashion, sense of humour, and unique style. It’s the cat’s meow. I am going to enjoy this summer in the style of the 20’s, full of excitement and dancing on roof tops.

Your grandmother had all the right moves and how!

Clarabelle XOXO

{March 7, 2010}   Feeling sugar sweet?

To match that sweet sugary personality, try on a Candy Glam Rings. So artfully created with juicy colours, your mind will get lost and believes it’s carefully blown glass.  With every ring it’s a new Chistian Escriba masterpiece.

If it’s Hip It’s here

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Walking to the bus stop today I noticed something, my toes felt a little wet. Seeing puddles of melted snow everywhere got me excited. Spring is coming! That means more jazzy shoes and glamorous dresses! The internet is all abuzz about fashion week and the new styles that will be grooving to the beat of spring on the street. The looks were marvellous, so I decided to look for their more reasonably priced twins.

Sources : Tan dress, Mexican style lovely, Red resistance, Gray with a flash of, Blue in the sky, Brown earth

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{January 12, 2010}   A Splash of Inspiration

My Red Hot Nails

My Winter Blues

Recently my fingernails are getting all dolled up, about once a week. There is no occasion for it, no dance going on, and no dinning out at lush restaurants. My usual routine normally involves my nails only getting deck out for Halloween with some simple black décor. However, inspiration has hit me in the back of the head, like a stray paintball, hard, fast, and in bright colors. This sudden interest has come from peeking at The Daily Nail. This blog is one girl’s ambition to create a new look everyday for each of her digits for an entire year. It is a delicious quest to follow. Her attention to detail on the tiny canvases with elaborate creativity is incredible.

Here are a few splashes to admire.

If you are fascinated by it and want more (Through curiosity you have the most fun)

Click here The Daily Nail

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While wandering through the interior pages of the web I stumbled across a workshop dedicated to Steampunk and all its inter workings


Because I think the best way to serve up a tall glass of Steampunk is to top it off with a cherry, here are some more rubies….


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As soon as I see this post I knew I was in love with this new line. I couldn’t post this in any other better way then how The Budget Babe did, so here it is….

“Outside my window, snowflakes drift silently to the ground, but online, H&M’s Garden Collection lookbook brings a burst of color and sunshine to my desktop. While I’m not in a hurry for spring to arrive, this romantic collection inspired by “chlorophyll-green gardens, sundrenched landscapes and even 70s hippie chic flower-power” has me swooning.

What’s more, the line is eco-friendly: Made using organic and recycled materials, all the garments have been produced using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. And it’s inexpensive! The collection, which includes breezy blouses, rosette embellished frocks and airy tanks, tops out at $60 with most items falling between $15 and $30. Can’t wait for this line to drop at the end of March!

For complete details on the collection, click here

More from the Budget Babe can be found here

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{January 9, 2010}   Erotic thigh highs, recreated

When finding that perfect dress, whether it is that little black one, the red diamond you keep for special occasions, or the light summer one, you want your legs to look good.

That is why I love thigh highs. As a little girl, I despised dresses. I hated that feeling I’d get when the pantyhose would continue to move up, even though there was really no where else they could go. A good pair of thigh highs knows to stay up, to keep my legs looking smooth, and keeps them touchable soft.

Tattoo Socks

This look combines a nice soft look with something funky, wild, and whimsical. I adore the peacock feather set. It could be pair beautifully with a soft blue dress tied with small green army jacket and finished with some gold charm necklaces.

Clarabelle XOXO

Now if that gets you excited, this will too.

Lovers of Local coffee houses or Starbucks can enjoy this eco-friendly Coffee Corset. This classy item will help reduce the urge to double cup and use paper sleeves. Helping you look good, feel good, and leave everyone wondering where you picked up something this hot.


Feel the Heat


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