I’ve had the geocaching bug since January of ’09 when I first became a member of  For those of you not familiar with the term it’s a form of modern day treasure hunting. It can bring you back to those childhood days, when you searched the woods with a handmade treasure map clutched tightly in your hand.

Today’s high tech cell phones and GPS navigation devices helped create this simpler version of treasure hunting. Anyone can search for or hid a geocache. The coordinates of the different caches are posted on an online site, just punch them into your device, and start your search!

The passion felt around the world started in May of 2000 just after the US government stopped scrambling GPS signals and opened it up for civilians to enjoy.  Only two days later Dave Ulmer in Portland, Oregon hid the very first geocache and posted the coordinates for anyone to find. It contained a few knickknacks and a log book for whom ever finds it to sign.

Only a month later the term “Geocaching” was conceived and the treasures were hidden all over the world. In September, was set up. About a year later in March of 2001 the first geocaching event took place.

If Geocaching has reached your inner child, get out there, and start hunting! Remember to always bring some little knickknacks to trade with the ones you find in the cache and a pen.

Some terms you may want to be familiar with if you decided to join the geocaching community are listed below.

BYOP – (Bring your own pencil [or pen]) sometimes the cache is very small and can only hold a small sheet of paper. Bring a pen, to ensure you get to write your name and show others you were there.

CITO – Cache In Trash Out. Encourages cachers to help keep the environment clean when they go caching.

EarthCache – A different type of cache that helps promote the location’s geological, historical, or scientific significance. See for more info.

Micro – A very small cache that contains paper and sometimes a pencil. (ie film canister, magnetic key container,  or a waterproof match container.

Muggles – A Harry Potter term, used in geocaching to identify an area that has many non-cachers. In these areas, ensure you grab and replace the cache without revealing the location to muggles.

TFTC- Thanks For The Cache

TNLN – Took Nothing, Left Nothing.

Travel Bug – An item that travels between different caches. They have track-able numbers on them, so you can follow their movement online.

So come out and explore your local nature parks, city streets, and other public areas where Geocaches have been hidden!

Clarabelle XOXO

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This is the time of year when our eyes start to see pinks, purples, whites, and blues highlighting roadsides everywhere. Lupines have a rich history that reaches back into the Egyptian era. Lupines seeds have been uncovered by archaeologists in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. There is also evidence showing that pre-Inca inhabitants in Peru cultivated lupines. In ancient and medieval times they were used as a food source. However they soon learned not all varieties of lupines were edible. Many common types are toxic and now are only grown for their vibrant colors.

Clarabelle XOXO

For the past 20 years, Canada has been getting greener with Earth Day. In Canada we take our wild life seriously. Many of our biggest and best tourist attractions are our natural beauties, including Lake Louise, the Bay Of Fundy, and The Quebec Winter Carnival. On the World’s Cleanest Countries list, Canada rates 12th. We need to step up and get our country back into shape! What better day to do this, then today.

Top 10 ways to paint Canada more green, today, tomorrow or any day.

  1. Watch Disney’s new movie Oceans, to be released earth day (Today!)
  2. Partake in an Earth day event or organize one. To find one check out Canada’s Earth day website.
  3. Grab a pair of gloves & a garbage bag and walk out your front door. Challenge yourself and go for a walk. Pick up garbage along the way, see how far you can get until the bag is full. You’d be surprised how tired you’ll get of picking up Tim Horton’s roll up the rim to win cups.
  4. Start a recycling program at your work or school. It’s not too hard. Just get everyone to chip in with 2$ or 5$  for some blue boxes. Then make a list of volunteers to collect them every week or nicely ask the janitorial staff to include them in their rounds.
  5. Plant a tree. Better yet, plant a garden! Even if it’s a small one. I see, fresh herbs and vegetables in your near future. Live in the city? Make a mini garden. Here are some great instructions on how to grow sprouts inside from instuctables.
  6. Make a green facebook event, to go on a walk, swimming, camping, or anything that has to do with the outdoors. Make it an all day event open to everyone and taking place everywhere.
  7. Buy local and eat local. Go find your local farmers market. I hear they sell the tastiest food, juiciest berries, freshest pies, and vegetables so good you’ll want to eat them raw.
  8. Get solar panels for your house. Don’t have that kind of cash, switch all your light bulbs with energy saving ones instead.
  9. Go visit your grandparents. Ask them questions and learn from them. Back in my grandparents’ day, they grew all their own food. With the fruits and vegetables left over from the garden, they made preserves. Hang out with them for a day and learn how to do this. Nothing is better then homemade jelly on toast.. MMmmm.
  10. Turn Off your computer, lights, TV, or that blender your brother left in on in the kitchen all day after making margaritas. What ever it is your not using right now, Just flick the switch.

Enjoy today, tomorrow and everyday.

Clarabelle XOXO

{December 9, 2009}   Love your Skin!

All women are defined by natural beauty. We all have special features that we love about our selves. Our body is a sexy place that needs to be taken care of.

Here we will have natural ways to love your body, so your body will love you back.

Skin problems are becoming more common among women. Recently my skin has caught the nasty itch that comes with the dry winter wind. I also have eczema (contact dermatitis). With sensitive skin I run from lotions and products with alcohol in it. Haha.. this is a hard thing to do as most products have it as one of there main ingredients. Surprising how many “Moisturising” creams contain alcohol, which does an excellent job in drying out your skin!

Coffee, not just for your cup!

So I have been trying out some chemical free ways to love my skin.

Spa night is big at our apartment. A regular favourite is …. Get out the coffee girls!… Coffee Citrus Honey face mask

Basic Ingredients

  • Ground Coffee
  • Lime or Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  1. Just judge how much you would like to use for the grounded coffee. I mix a large amount into mine but you don’t have to. Used coffee works just fine. It is an exfoliate, tighter, and has antioxidant effects.
  2. Put a spoonful of honey and olive oil. Honey is great for your skin it is a natural moisturizer, natural antioxidants, and helps with acne.
  3. Just a squeeze of Lime or Lemon, it is not a necessary ingredient.  If you think the acidic content will affect your skin, please don’t use it. Lemons have  enzymes which cleanses the skin of dead cells.
  4. Once it is mixed well, just apply on to your face and show your skin some loving. As you rub it gently, your skin will be exfoliated. Leave on for as long as you feel necessary.

PS. If you have Coconut Oil or Sesame seed oil put some of that in too!

Clarabelle XOXO

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