For over a century Burlesque shows have entertained us. They had the skilful art of amusing audiences with a laughable style and good grooves in the background. First became popular in the 1840’s, it stayed on the hit list straight through to the 1960’s. The first versions of these comedy shows featured parodies of Operas, Shakespeare, ballet, and other current event of that time.

Of course the women dress up in barley there outfits. Back in the Victorian Age it was a treat for men to see what was hidden under neither all those frills and hoops. This style entertainment was first heard of back in the 5th century BC Athens. (source)

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker first started dancing on Broadway and in vaudeville at age thirteen. She then moved on to Paris in 1925. She was a star to all of France and many part of Europe. For her helpful efforts in World War II with the Red Cross she became the first women (American born) to be given the Croix de Guerre (a French military honour)



Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee, the legendary woman who told the police during a raid at the famous Minsky’s burlesque house, “I wasn’t naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight.” was known as “The most publicized women in the world.”



Betty Grable

20’s Century’s top movie star in the 1940’s, among American women at that time she was the highest paid. She quickly became popular with the G.I. with having the #1 pin up.


Betty Page

The late 50’s was the new era of Betty Page. She started a classis look that has come back through out the 80’s and 90’s. She has the looks of a girl next door, with the moves of naughty seductress.


Dita Von Tess

This modern day pin up with her coal black hair is a small town girl with a dark sexy side. Her looks have a similar sex appeal to Betty Page.


Burlesque has a rich history of humour, spice, and mystery surrounding it, Important ingredients in any recipe.

Clarabelle XOXO


Great post dahling! I love Bettie Page

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